ASK Pharm strives for the common ASK goal of “Affection for Patient Care,Supremacy in Product quality, Keeper of Society Harmony”, and takes great pride in becoming a responsible, accountable and sustainable corporate citizen, at both local and national stages.As a leading research-based pharmaceutical enterprise, ASK Pharm has made significant contributions to local and national economy by continuously creating employment opportunities, generating ever-growing annual revenues, and supporting local and national economic investment and development during the transition period.

Not only has ASK brand been consecutively awarded national quality product brand, but have all ASK products maintained the highest qualify and patient recognition across the country.ASK Pharm has consistently committed to environmental protection and responsible energy use, by minimizing chemical waste and pollution, optimizing energy and water consumption, and maximizing material recycle and reuse. The corporate has passed numerous inspections for national standards in sustainable operation, and been certified as an ISO9001/ISO14000 (Environment Management) company. Every ASK employee actively takes part in responsible operating and sustainable living, making collective contributions to the success of the corporate.ASK Pharm as well as all employees have also volunteered their resources or times to many local and national charities and fundraising events. Whenever there were serious natural disasters,ASK Pharm and employees have always donated pharmaceutical products or funds to save lives and relieve sufferings. Employees have also financially supported underdeveloped regions for school building, students funding, and education improvement; they regularly participate in various events to benefit the local community and the society. Overall, ASK Pharm regards social responsibility one of the top corporate priorities, and makes great efforts in contributing to society harmony and advancement.


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