ASK Pharm recognized as one of the “Top National Innovator in Pharmaceutical R&D”

August 4,2018
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The 35th (2018) China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Annual Conference was held in Shanghai on August 4, 2018. ASK Pharm continues its success in innovative product research and development, and was recognized as one of the “Top National Innovators in Pharmaceutical Research and Development”. ASK Pharm has successfully secured this prestigious and peer-reviewed honor for 9 consecutive years since 2010.The Chinese pharmaceutical industry and domestic drug market have experienced continuous transformation and challenges in recent years. Both government and regulatory agencies have continuously updated regulatory policies and enforced frequent evaluation and inspection, in order to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products, and to meet the healthcare needs under current economic and social environment. ASK Pharm has consistently adhered to its corporate mission of “Based on Research, Oriented for Health”, and significantly and strategically invested in developing proprietary products and expanding current R&D capacity for operating optimization. The annual review process by China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center (PHIIC) has carefully evaluated a company’s comprehensive scope and capacity in R&D innovation, product organization, corporate competitiveness, industry leadership, and future potentials. The consistent and annual recognition of ASK’s R&D innovation is a true reflection of ASK Pharm as one of the leading brand-name pharmaceutical manufacturers in China.   



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